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The Alliance for Recovery Care is committed to keeping you current on the ever-changing circumstances that impact the Healthcare Industry.

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Health Policy Update

Now that the school year is back to normal, I wanted to return to periodically releasing a list of the top ten health policy news items that grab my interest – along with a thought or two from me.

Washington Update

Dear Colleagues: We welcome Genevieve Diesing in Chicago to our team. Genevieve is a former editor for the American Hospital Association. Thanks to Rebekkah Johnson for her graphic design of this report, which we hope to put out monthly.

Pennsylvania Update: 2022 Primary Elections

This week, we review the status of the Pennsylvania Primaries as well as the outlook for each candidate.

Issue: Medicare Advantage

In this week's issues, we explore how some health plans unduly restrict patient access to IRF & LTCH care



Recovery Care refers to the care provided to patients after a stay in an acute care hospital. This type of care covers a range of medical services that support the individual's continued recovery from illness or management of a chronic illness or disability. For this reason, Medicare sometimes refers to this as "Post-Acute Care."

After a hospitalization, injury, or illness, many patients require continued medical care, either at home or in a specialized facility. Depending on the intensity of the care the patient requires, treatment may include an inpatient stay in a facility, ongoing outpatient therapy, or care provided at home.

As of 2014, approximately one quarter of all hospitalized patients were referred to some form of post-acute provider following their hospital stay.

What Is Recovery Care?
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Kathy Anderson serves as Executive Director of the Alliance for Recovery Care. She works closely with hospital members, manages the association’s budget and plans its events in Washington and around the country.

Executive Director


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Erica Wildberger serves as the Director of Government Affairs for the Alliance for Recovery Care. Erica is a graduate of both The Culinary Institute of America and the University of Maryland, College Park. With 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Erica has planned and executed countless political fundraisers and corporate meetings. She currently resides in Frederick, Maryland.

Director of Government Affairs



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Bill Walters chairs the Alliance for Recovery Care. He is Senior Vice President of Select Medical - one of the nation’s largest post-acute care systems - and head of the company’s Washington office.






With over 50 years of combined knowledge and experience, the Leaders of the Alliance for Recovery Care have an intricate understanding of the needs and demands of the Healthcare Industry.  


They pride themselves on anticipating the effects of the dynamic political and socio-economic environment we face daily in order to serve the best interests of the under-represented Recovery Care hospitals and providers. 

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